Katharine WeberKatharine Weber’s first five highly-praised and award-winning novels have made her a book club favorite.

Her new novel and seventh book, STILL LIFE WITH MONKEY (Paul Dry Books), has won advance praise with a starred review from KIRKUS (“Rigorously unsentimental yet suffused with emotion: possibly the best work yet from an always stimulating writer”), Tayari Jones (“a brilliantly crafted novel, brimming with heart”), Ann Packer (“A rich and compelling meditation on the question of what makes life worth living. Her characters are vividly, achingly real, including the tiny furry one at the novel’s center”), Roxana Robinson (“…great subtlety, tenderness and intelligence,…the beautiful prose we expect from her”), Brian Morton (“Katharine Weber is a magician of a novelist”), and Roger Rosenblatt (“Among the many brilliances of Katharine Weber’s new novel, is the whole idea of a ‘still life.’ Painters saw unnatural stillness as a contradiction in terms, yet containing a mysterious truth. Here, too, mysterious truth – a car accident, a wheelchair (another contradiction), paralysis, and honest and beautifully-drawn people, stopped in midpassage. To this still life comes the capuchin monkey, the service animal who attends the disconnections of the spine, the spirit, and of the species. STILL LIFE is life still―the theme of this original, remarkable book.”)

Katharine’s previous novel, True Confections, the story of a chocolate candy factory in crisis, was published in 2010. Critics raved: “A great American tale” (New York Times Book Review), “Marvelous, a vividly imagined story about love, obsession and betrayal” (Boston Globe), “Katharine Weber is one of the wittiest, most stimulating novelists at work today…wonderful fun and endlessly provocative” (Chicago Tribune),”Succulently inventive” (Washington Post),”Her most delectable novel yet” (L.A. Times).

Her sixth book, a memoir called The Memory of All That: George Gershwin, Kay Swift, and My Family’s Legacy of Infidelities, published in 2011, won raves from the critics, from Ben Brantley in the New York Times (“Ms. Weber is able to arrange words musically, so that they capture the elusive, unfinished melodies that haunt our memories of childhood”) to the Dallas Morning News (“gracefully written, poignant and droll”), the NY Daily News (“Old Scandals, what fun…the core of her tale is that of elegant sin and betrayal”), and the Boston Globe (a masterful memoir of the private world of a very public family”), among others.

All of Katharine’s books have been republished in at least one paperback edition, and all are available as e-books.

Katharine grew up in New York City and has lived in rural Connecticut since 1976, when she married the cultural historian Nicholas Fox Weber.  She also spends parts of the year in West Cork, Ireland, and in London.


Katharine is in her seventh year as the Richard L. Thomas Visiting Professor of Creative Writing at Kenyon College. She has previously taught creative writing at Yale University (for eight years), and was an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the graduate writing program in the School of the Arts at Columbia University for six years. She has taught at various international writing workshops, from the Paris Writers Workshop several summers in a row to the San Miguel de Allende Writers Conference in 2017 and the West Cork Literary Festival in Ireland in 2018.

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