While the Primate Institute of New England exists only in the pages of STILL LIFE WITH MONKEY, Helping Hands, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is a real non-profit organization that has (since 1979) helped adults with spinal cord injuries and other mobility impairments to live more independent and engaged lives, Helping Hands provides, free of charge, highly trained capuchin monkeys to help recipients with daily tasks of living. The only organization of its kind, Helping Hands raises and trains these special service animals in “Monkey College” for several years before carefully matching them with appropriate recipients across the country. Helping Hands provides active support and care for the duration of each placement at no cost to recipients. Financial support of Helping Hands is always welcome. Monkey helpers changes lives with the gift of greater independence, companionship, and hope.

541 Cambridge Street Boston, MA 02134
617-787-4419 | [email protected]

Katharine will donate a portion of profits from the sale of this book to Helping Hands.

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